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Find out how to install Adobe Flash on your Android phone. Android does not allow getting Flash Player through Google Play anymore. It can be downloaded through a browser on your phone though.

Get Flash Player on Android

As of late, Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported on Android and it is no longer available in Google Play. HOWEVER, you CAN still get it.
Just follow this VERY EASY set of steps and you will have it running. This was tested on an Android 4.0.4 device (Samsung Galaxy SII 4G Boost Mobile) that could not view flash content and could NOT get the player. This was a shame considering the device’s capabilities. It now has Flash Player and it CAN NOW view said flash content!

Here are the steps:
Open a browser on your Android phone (generally the default browser is the best bet, but Firefox will work too… just not Google Chrome – Chrome will NOT/MAY NOT allow the download)

In the address bar of the browser (not the search box of a search engine, the actual ADDRESS BAR), type in the following url (or if possible and you are on this site from your phone, click this):

This should start a download onto your device. If you try to run the file after installation, your phone (should/will) complain and block the install and tell you that you need to modify your settings to allow installation outside of Google Play. Go into your settings at this point (it should give you an Okay or Cancel to do so here) and locate something along the lines of allowing third party installations a.k.a Unknown Sources and check the box for it (and pay attention to where it is in your settings, because after the install you will want to change that back). On most Phones, this is under Settings – Security.

Once this is done, you will want to go find the file you downloaded and try the installation again – it should be in your DownLoads.

And that’s it. Flash should now work in your default browser or firefox (but will NOT or MAY not work in Chrome).

We hope this helps.

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