Basic HTML

Web Development Series – Basic HTML

The following videos on HTML are the first section in our Web Development Series dealing with the basics of web design. We will get into individual CMS systems like Word Press in later levels of learning. You will be more successful if you go through these beginning videos first, which deal with the basics of what you will need to know later on. Especially if you have limited to no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript. The total run-time of this section is about 30 minutes. It covers the first of three languages covered in this series, HTML. Following this part, you should take a look at the CSS and then Javascript introduction portion of this series. We hope you enjoy it!

What You Need:
  • A Web Browser of your choice. Such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome.
  • NotePad or some other basic text editor. Do not use MS Word or other desktop publishing software. We do not want any “extra” stuff added to the code.
  • A working knowledge of files and folders. We will be saving files that we create and you will need to know how to get to them.

Web Development Series – Basic HTML: Part 1


Web Development Series – Basic HTML: Part 2


Web Development Series – Basic HTML: Part 3


Web Development Series – Basic HTML: Part 4

You are on your way!

The next steps are to continue on with CSS. You can catch the next part of this series on the Basic CSS Tutorial page. If you have enjoyed this so far, please feel free to leave some feedback in the comment section below. If there is anything in more detail that you would like to learn, you can place those requests in the comments or simply use the “Contact Us” link above.

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