Live Web Development Training Sessions

Live Web Development Training

We offer live training online at competitive rates. In fact, we don’t teach “classes”, we teach YOU. You set the topic, we quote the hours and then once we have an agreement, you are scheduled based on YOUR time. We try to make this as easy as possible for you. It’s just that simple.

Here’s How to Get Started

When instructed to do so below, Copy and Paste the provided information into the Contact Us page  and answer the questions… that’s it! And yes, we mean the “Contact Us” page via the link in the top menu of the page 🙂

We will contact you within 24 hours to setup your training session.

While you are answering the questions provided below, be aware of the following:

We charge $65 an hour for a one on one session. We “leniently” prorate that at 15 minute increments- but your first hour is full price. What do we mean by “leniently”? Let’s say you need approximately 3 hours of our time, but then it goes 3 hours and 20 minutes ( a common thing with technology instruction). Your charge would be for three hours and 15 minutes. In other words, we only charge for each PASSED time point. So basically, 3 hours and 29 minutes would be the same thing. Not bad, eh?

Here is your copy/paste part:

1. What are you wanting to know how to do? Be as specific as you can. Just saying “building a website with” is extremely vague. We can certainly teach you how to do that, but it will take quite a few sessions. So, unless of course something as vague as that is what you want, please try to explain your exact needs.

2. How many hours of training do YOU feel you will need? We will give you an actual estimate of the hours we believe it will take once we know your specific needs. Also note, if we say 6 hours and it takes 8, then you WON’T be charged for more than 6 hours. And if the training is completed in only 5 hours, you only pay for the 5 hours… again, not bad eh? 😉

3. Have you taken online training before? If so, on what software? This will help in our pre training instructions to you; which are crafted for each student we train.

4. What skills do you already have? I.e do you know HTML, or some PHP, or have you “dabbled” in ASP.NET with Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer. Have you built a few pages with dreamweaver, or worked on images with Photoshop… things like that. ANY technical background information will be helpful. We can also drill down on some of this through email with you before finalizing where we can take you on your budget… which brings us to that point.

5. Do you have a spending limit on your training (most do) and if so, what is it? This is a good question to consider, because we will do all we can to get you as much information as possible within your limits. More “bang for your buck” so to speak. We know most people are NOT made of money and therefore can’t afford to just go throwing money away. We will honestly work with you to get you up to speed. Also, due to the nature of the way we schedule sessions (which is on demand), you can certainly take advantage of getting your training in small chuncks as you can afford them. That is what we do. We offer EXTREME flexibility.

Now click here for the Contact Us page.

Thank you for your interest in our skills.


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